Hi, my name is Yves and I am a French Canadian animator and illustrator from Montreal with a passion for creating colorful moving images. I am also a life enthusiastic and a fan of homemade pancakes breakfast!
Part-time filmmaker, part-time street artist, full-time creative

I now live in Germany and work as a freelancer in film, advertisement, game and urban art productions.
Before moving to Europe, I worked for four years in the game industry where I had the chance to create projects with clients such as A&E, Disney, Konami, Cartoon Network and also the Bruce Lee Family Company. I started as a multidisciplinary artist and animator to eventually become a lead artist, allowing me to gain experiences in project management and artistic direction.

I have always been dedicated to push the boundaries of my creative journey and deliver the highest quality of work with every opportunity that I have.
For commission work and collaboration:
Thank you!